China Army Installs Helmet BOMB to Self-Destruct Troops and Equipment

03 JANUARY 2021
The Source Is Here!!

The Chinese Army is now incorporating a remote-controlled skull-bomb in Army helmets to self-destruct soldiers if being captured or failing to follow orders, and destroy their gear, to protect secrecy! Put simply, if they don’t kill YOU, their bosses will kill them, by remote control.

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media revealed a digital individual combat device worn on soldiers’ heads developed by the Tibet Military Region , which claims to directly provide guidance for artillery and aviation.

This equipment system is also equipped with a self-destruct device that can be activated remotely by the commander, claiming that this is to “maintain military dignity” and prevent system information leakage.

When news of this became public, Chinese citizens recoiled in horror, saying “There are no soldiers, only cannon fodder!”

On December 27, 2020, CCTV Channel 13 of the Communist Party of China broadcast a piece of military news, introducing an information-based comprehensive combat exercise conducted by a light and high-mobility synthetic brigade on the plateau of the Tibet Military Command at an altitude of more than 4,500 meters. In the exercise, this unit demonstrated a new high-tech equipment introduced by the Chinese Communist Party—a new generation of digital individual combat system.

According to Lu media reports, the deployment scope of this new type of digital combat system for individual soldiers includes special forces, ordinary squad infantry, artillery, army aviation, and armored forces. It is said that this individual digital combat system has the capability of “battalion commanders directly command individual soldiers” and “individual soldiers directly provide guidance for artillery and aviation.”

According to the information disclosed by the CCP Military Network, this single-soldier digital combat system is equipped with satellite antennas on the helmets worn by soldiers, equipped with a monocular night vision multi-function eyepiece, and a numerical control terminal on the arm; In terms of protective gear, in addition to providing bullet-proof protection to soldiers, the device also integrates a navigator, individual radio, camera module, audio converter, information processing and power supply module.

“More importantly, this system is equipped with a self-destruction device . If a soldier is seriously injured but does not want to be captured, activating the self-destruction device will not only maintain the dignity of the soldier, but the enemy will not be able to obtain any information about this system.

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